Anything you want by Ivan Marcin

Just finished this short but sweet book. Interesting because of the story itself, and because it came from Amazon's Domino project. First, The Book:

It's the story of how Derek Sivers came up with, started, and ran CD baby. It was one of the first websites where you could buy CD's online from independent musicians.

All about  how it started as a very simple website for Derek to sell his own CD's, which grew to his friends as personal favors,  other musicians,  a business, and later on a company with millions of dollars in profit.

The best of it is that it's not the stereotypical A+++ type entrepreneur story full of ambition.

One guy started doing what he loves, making something needed and good enough for him, which happened to help other people and people went over and over gaining supporters. The best part of it is the ideology of being helpful to people, friendly, and cool with it.

It's a short read at about an hour with a  good insight, and an easy feel good style.  Highly recommended both startups ,entrepreneurs ,or random people all along.

Second: The Domino project, which is awesome. Similar story, independently published books started by Seth Godin(Bam!) and distributed by Amazon. So far this is my third book from them and the quality is top.