Homemade coffee soda by Ivan Marcin

Well, I was shocked by how good that coffee soda was, and could help myself but to ask "How can I make it myself?". I remember the story of how Dr. Pepper went on to add sugar and club soda to his cough syrup and came up with an awesome drink, so I went over with my simplistic approach:

  • Pour espresso shot.
  • Add sugar.
  • Pour club soda
  • ????
  • Profit!

the ???? step proved to be massive amounts of foam pouring over the glass. It got to the point where most of the drink was just foam and no liquid on the bottom. So just pour the soda slowly , or blend with a small amount of water and then dilute.

It had a good taste, the right amount of sugar and more natural with less gas. I still like the pre-made version though :)

A journey through the wonderful world of coffee by Ivan Marcin

I can't remember my first cup of coffee, but I remember liking it since I was a kid. Memories throw me back to those times when I would drink some coffee or hot chocolate with my grandpa at his house.

That's my Grandpa there being cool as ever in his  green sweater.

Back in those days it was Instant coffee with lots of sugar, or hot chocolate made with mexican bar chocolate and water. No milk. If you haven't tried it I really recommend it. It's as simple as just pouring a cup of boiling hot water and quarter piece of a mexican chocolate bar.What I do remember is my first cup of non instant coffee. A cup of Folgers ground coffee made by my mom. I remember the red metal can and how surprised I was when I tried it.

It was awesome.

The nutty flavor which instant coffee doesn't have, hooked me for life I guess. So far It's been a journey  through all sorts of types of coffee, trying out tons of varieties of in the way: lattes, espressos, mokka, cold brew, you name it. The fancy coffee fad hit me for a while, but after trying out so many varieties it all went round and back to this:

Black coffee.

If done well it's not bitter and quite tasty.

It might be just coffee but the primer is there: Simple is always better.