Late night short blurb. / by Ivan Marcin

Sipping to some incredibly good houjicha karigane tea. This definitively makes late nights 10x better.

It was a very pleasant surprise while stepping out this morning, heading to work, when I bumped into the Usps man. Thing is, at first I didn't recognize the package. Actually, I even forgot for a bit about it since my really important package was delayed 2 weeks(Deus Ex for xbox).

Like with every new package, I quickly took a glance at all sides of the box looking to satisfy the cat like curiosity.  It stroke me when I noticed the Japanese writing and on the box and the words "hibiki-an tea".

That was it. It felt just as if Santa Claus arrived 4 months early with bunch of tea .

Now if only Santa could magically make Deus Ex be back in stock... #hope